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Travel Dhaka, Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of mystery and intrigue. The country is centuries old and while it has seen many visitors over the years, it is only now starting to experience a commercial tourism boom. In many respects, Bangladesh is a land of opportunity and adventure. All you need do is step out and discover its many mysteries for yourself.

There are so many things to be enjoyed here. Perhaps one of the most popular activities is that of sunning yourself on the exquisite white sandy beaches of Cox’s Bazaar and Teknaaf. Both beaches are situated on the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal and are relatively unspoilt by tourists making them a great place to spend vacation time. Another attraction is the many archaeological sites in the country. They are interesting from a cultural and architectural point of view and can be fascinating to tour. Bangladesh’s other attraction is a bit more lively – the Sunderbans is the worlds largest mangrove forest. It is the home for many rare species of land and marine life. The Sunderbans is unlike any other forest in the world, decorated with amazing gifts, flowing with rivers and canals, holding hidden treasures of nature, waiting to be unfold.

Bangladesh is also home to the longest sea beach, the largest tea gardens and some amazing exotic animal life. To top it off, the people of the country are colorful and friendly and have a fascinating culture. There is a lot to do here. You can choose things such as trekking and adventure tours. Most of the activities give you the opportunity to take in the beautiful green mountains, sparkling rivers and clear vistas. The natural wealth of the area is, in many respects, unbeatable. Bangladesh is a paradise just waiting to be discovered!

Delightful Dhaka

Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh is developing fast as a modern metropolis. Dhaka has an exciting history and a rich culture. It is known as the city of Mosques. Some of the outstanding tourists attractions of Dhaka city and its surrpounding areas are: Lalbagh Fort, Central Shaheed Minar, National Martyr’s Memorial, Ahsan Manjil, Bahadur Shah Park, National Botanical Garden etc.

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